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to nurture.


Our Misson

We curate timeless pieces which enhance the versatility of one's own wardrobe

We provide an avenue for Filipino Craftsmanship through fashion




From handpicking our cloths, all the way to manufacturing and packaging.

We strive to provide an avenue for Filipino craftsmanship. We do this through handmade pieces portrayed through fashion and

its accessories. This makes each piece unique, as it is also accompanied with handwoven Tampipi as packaging.

This way, you not only support our brand, but our Filipino seamstress and weavers too.


Curate lasting pieces that enhance the versatility of one's own wardrobe

We envision our pieces to last a lifetime. From staples like the

Little Black Dress (Miguela Dress), to our other simple but dependable pieces, we hope that these will stay

in your closets and not go to waste.


The opposite is true when it comes to lessening our carbon

footprint. We aren't yet a fully sustainable brand, but we

try to be as fleeting as possible through having little

waste, aside from making products that we

hope will do well for a long time.


Our courier's packaging is made out of compostable products that decompose within 180 days. It is currently being used in 17 cities, and we aim to make that number much higher. The Tampipi bags, made from reusing our natural resources (leaves) are also

created so that you may reuse them however you like.



Carefully chosen local businesses and Philippine textiles and cloths.

We care about our customer's experience so we try to keep our items versatile. We have pieces like our Milagros Piña Polo, which could be used in different occasions; either use it as an overall at the

beach or even on top of a dress. Included here is our tampipi packaging, which could be used for a variety of things,

may it be a mini handbag or a place to simply

store your beloved items at home.

With our supporting of Filipino crafters, small local businesses, as well as our use of Filipino textiles like piña, reusing our palm leaves, the choosing of compostable materials for shipping and the

addition of handmade uniqueness, we hope that this brand properly portrays our vision to

support our country, while at the same time be a brand you are proud to be a part of.

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